Software Supply Chain Platform Automation: Create, Distribute, and Automate at Scale

Software Supply Chain Platform Automation: Create, Distribute, and Automate at Scale

Llano Room Mon 01:00PM - 04:30PM

Whether you're a platform administrator, developer, or part of a security team, this hands-on training empowers you with the knowledge and tools to streamline your workflows. You’ll discover best practices followed by enterprise organizations to secure their software supply chain through automation. During this interactive session, you'll learn to: - Leverage the power of REST API, JFrog CLI, or Terraform provider to automate various processes in Artifactory, Xray, and Distribution - Optimize your operations, from configuring repositories and role-based mechanisms to integrating Artifactory with build servers and pushing artifacts to higher environments - Create policies for security, licensing, and operations - Scan artifacts and builds - Generate comprehensive reports on vulnerabilities, compliance, and operational risks By the end of this training, you'll have the skills to: - Create release bundles in JFrog Distribution and distribute them as immutable objects to the edge - Empower JFrog platform administrators to efficiently manage platform configurations through automation processes - Enable developers to seamlessly pull OSS artifacts from the JFrog platform and address vulnerabilities or compliance risks during the development phase - Equip security teams with the ability to create automated processes based on specific criteria and generate insightful reports on vulnerabilities, compliance, and SBOM.

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