swampUP - JFrog User Conference 2017 - Living on the Edge of DevOps

Living on the edge of DevOps


Napa Valley, California | May 24-26


Thomas Middleditch

Star of HBO’s Silicon Valley

The Gala Dinner is the must-attend community gathering at swampUP, taking place after the Wine Cave reception and before the Crush Bar after-party that unites all swampUP attendees around a great meal to discuss the day’s takeaways and enjoy the evening keynote.  In 2016, the remarkable Captain Sullenberger spoke about disaster recovery techniques in the midst of a crisis. This year, Thomas Middleditch and JFrog’s CEO, Shlomi Ben Haim, will join forces to discuss what it means to be a successful CEO in Silicon Valley from their very different perspectives.  Expect an evening of interesting conversation and good laughs, and stick around after, Thomas might just be up for some selfies!


Keynote Speakers

Melody Meckfessel
Senior Engineering Director, Google Cloud Platform

Living in the future: Google’s “DevOps” Culture

Show Description

Managing the developer infrastructure for one of the world’s largest and most innovative engineering teams is a daunting challenge. Even though few people inside of Google categorize our tools as “DevOps,” our current practices are influencing the future of the industry.
Distributed Builds?  Testing affected targets? Robot code reviews?  Robot changes?!?  This may sound like alien technology, but these tools are used daily in DevOps. The practices and tools that make Googlers more efficient at writing and delivering software are not restricted to born-on-the-web companies and can be applied in your organization.

We’ll discuss the long term future of software engineering tools along with key challenges and solutions for transforming and scaling diverse software teams.


Paul Chapman
Chief Information Officer, box

It's Not About Rewriting Your Software, It's About Rewriting Your Company

Show Description

Its not about rewriting your software its about rewriting your company. To transform your company and complete in the digital age, you need to work like a digital company. But being a digital company is about much more than building an app and applying technology to your existing business. You have to go deeper, It requires a new operating mode, new business model, a different model of customer engagement and internal processes and IT systems you’ve relied on to get where you are today. Box CIO Paul Chapman will share lessons learned on how IT should be one of the key  strategic  change agents to power your move to digital

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
CTO of CloudBees & Creator of Jenkins

Why, What and How of Continuous Delivery

Show Description

Automation has been somewhat unsexy but steady force in the software development world, and it has taken many names and shapes. Continuous Delivery is one of the current shapes automation takes, and this is driving an important change in how we work and how we develop software. As more and more business becomes technology business, adopting Continuous Delivery as a practice can make or break business. In this session, the creator of Jenkins discusses why it is important, what it means, and how you get there.

Yoav Landman
Co-Founder & CTO, JFrog

The Frog's Leap -
The Future of DevOps!

Show Description

DevOps is all about software acceleration with Continuous Updates. Responsiveness and rapid feature innovation are the new currencies that customers value.
But without a strong and universal foundation that supports multiple technologies, you won’t get far or be able to achieve the speed and quality you need to impact the market.

Hear JFrog unveil the next generation solution that will empower customers to build a seamless CI/CD pipeline, that is liquid enough to rapidly innovate and edge out the competition.  Release fast or die!

Fred Simon
Co-Founder & Chief Architect, JFrog

The Future of DevOps, Continuous Updates Require Liquid Software

Show Description

Looking to the future of DevOps, as release cycles get shorter and microservices get smaller, we can imagine a world in which at any one time, our systems’ software is being updated. Effectively, software will become liquid in that products and services will be connected to “software pipes” that constantly stream updates into our systems and devices; liquid software continuously and automatically updating our systems with no human intervention. This is the next big challenge of the DevOps revolution. Just as we turn on a tap, expect water to come out without having to think about it, and trust the quality of the water, our systems and devices should be continuously and automatically updated with software we can trust and consume safely. However, there are still some challenges to address.




Why Sponsor?

  • swampUP is the only Dev and DevOps convention that gathers the world’s domain leaders together for a full 48 hours
  • Engage with attendees actively researching DevOps related products and services
  • Educate attendees during a Sponsored Session or Power Training Workshop
  • Host the conversations at sponsored special events before and after the Gala dinner including Private Wine Cave & Crush Ultra Lounge after-party
  • Opportunity to present to the entire audience during a Sponsored Breakfast Keynote

How do you convince your boss that
you need to attend swampUP?


swampUP 2017 will feature one full day of hands-on training on May 24th with beginner to advanced topics

Advanced Automation with JFrog Artifactory

In this hands-on training, student will learn the basics of JFrog Artifactory, and its ecosystem.  The training will include how to configure repositories, and how to use the REST API, CLI and AQL. The training will also include best practices and use cases with build tools and CI servers commonly used with JFrog Artifactory. This is a half day class.

Essentials of JFrog Artifactory

In this hands-on training, student will learn the basics of JFrog Artifactory, and its ecosystem.  The training will include how to configure repositories, and how to use the REST API, CLI and AQL. The training will also include best practices and use cases with build tools and CI servers commonly used with JFrog Artifactory. This is a full day class.

Scaling for the DevOps Enterprise with JFrog Artifactory

In this class, students will learn how to leverage Artifactory to achieve high availability, scale with S3 file storage and utilize multi-push replication.  You will also learn how to replicate a local repository from a single source to multiple enterprise target sites simultaneously.  This is a half day class.

Continuous Fixing - don't just find security vulnerabilities, fix them!

In this hands-on class, students will learn how to leverage JFrog Xray and Snyk to detect and fix vulnerabilities of the binary components and open source dependencies in their Artifactory repositories as part of an automation solution. Students will learn how to setup a continuous scan->discover->remediate cycle, exploit a sample application by themselves, and then see the remediations applied and work in practice. This is a half day class.

Introduction to C/C++ package management and CI with Conan & Artifactory

Using the Conan C/C++ package manager, you will learn how to create packages with pre-compiled binaries for multiple platforms and configurations, upload them to Artifactory and consume them again. Covered topics will include versioning schemes, ABI compatibility, getting code from external sources, and packaging and consuming different types of libraries (header-only, static, shared) in different OS.

Also how to use conan in a Jenkins CI environment will be addressed. Everything will be practical with fully working examples

Global Monitoring and DR with Mission Control

This training class will allow students to learn the basics of JFrog Mission Control, and accomplish standard tasks across a multi-site topology of JFrog Artifactory including configuring, synchronization, license management,  and creating a strong disaster recovery (DR) plan. This is a half day class.

Smart Distribution with JFrog Bintray

This hands-on class will teach students how to create a fully automated distribution platform from ensuring support for different types of software packages and binaries, guaranteeing the right access control and entitlements, minimizing security issues and maintaining a reliable platform.  This is a half-day class.

Advanced CI: Commit to Deployment for Docker

This training session will explore how to use the advanced features and concepts native to JFrog Artifactory, to create a lifecycle management pipeline for Docker images. This training session will also highlight the best practices for using the two products together. This is a full day class.

Partner Power Workshop - Using JFrog Products with RedHat Open Shift

This session will cover the basics of using OpenShift to build, deploy, and scale containerized applications using both the web interface and command line client. In addition to working with sample applications, integration points with JFrog products will be covered. Attendees will leave with the knowledge required to deploy their own containers in an OpenShift environment.

Partner Power Workshop - Distributed Pipeline Architecture with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

This workshop will provide a hands-on experience with a turnkey implementation of a scalable Jenkins as a service solution, based on CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. The workshop will utilize the same micro-service example used in the DevOps 2.1 Toolkit workshop, walking you through the software development lifecycle using the tools and features provided by CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. The audience will perform exercises which illustrate the distributed and scalable architecture provided by the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise cluster.


Join us for the premier annual event that brings together tech industry thought leaders and the JFrog user community to exchange DevOps best practices. swampUP provides a collaborative setting which allows attendees to learn from one another, engage with JFrog technical experts and hear exclusive announcements about the future of JFrog’s products. Learn from thought leaders, maximize your product knowledge, and build relationships over three days of training, keynotes, breakout sessions, and special events.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where will swampUP be held?

swampUP 2017 will be held at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa Valley, California. The Meritage Resort is located at 875 Bordeaux Way, Napa, CA 94558.

How many days is swampUP?

We have a full day of training (May 24), plus 2 full conference days (May 25 & 26). Partner sponsors have 2 days in the partner expo.

How do I register several people at once?

You can register up to 9 people at once. For groups of 10 or more, please contact your sales rep or email us at swampup@jfrog.com.

Can I extend my stay at the Meritage Resort?

Please feel free to call the group reservation number at 855-318-1768 as soon as possible if you want to extend your stay. You will be responsible for paying for nights not included in your swampUP ticket price and the Meritage is expected to sell out on Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27 due to the Bottlerock Music Festival, so act quickly!

How can I become a speaker?

Feel free to submit an abstract to our CFP! Here are some ideas of what we want to see: Topics on the continuous integration and delivery domain in general and opensource or partner integrations with JFrog products. Advanced usage of Artifactory and Bintray, such as REST API, AQL and Artifactory user plugins are also great topics, and technical use cases or success stories are welcome!

What nights are included in the Bottle and Half Bottle tickets?

The Bottle ticket (training, conference, and accommodations) includes 2 nights at the Meritage, May 24 and 25. The Half Bottle ticket (conference and accommodations) includes 1 night at the Meritage, May 25.

Where can I find logistical information like hotel check-in times connected to swampUP?

Check-in is available at 4pmPT at the Meritage and check-out is at 11amPT. This information and more will be sent out in an exhibitor packet to sponsors and in a conference schedule and document for attendees closer to the event.


Meritage Resort and Spa

875 Bordeaux Way, Napa, CA 94558

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