End-to-End Release Lifecycle Management: Streamline Your RLM Workflow

End-to-End Release Lifecycle Management: Streamline Your RLM Workflow

Trinity Room Mon 01:00PM - 04:30PM

The tracking of the software maturing process consistency from dev to production is becoming crucial for all software organizations, the JFrog Release Lifecycle Management initiative introduces a new comprehensive approach to meet this goal. In this training, you will gain practical knowledge on how to successfully implement this approach using the JFrog Platform. By the end of this training, you should be able to: - Understand how the JFrog Platform streamlines your entire RLM workflow. - Integrate your RLM with Xray and Distribution ensuring Security & Compliance throughout your SW Supply Chain - Instantly gain insights on your RLM by using JFrog's Platform RLM Kanban view and audit timeline - Design for Enterprise: learn hands-on, how to scale your architecture by integrating JFrog RLM with JFrog Projects and JFrog Federation capabilities

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