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Pipeline Automation with the JFrog Platform
Shimi Bandiel, DevOps Consultant, JFrog


The JFrog Enterprise+ Platform gives you an end-to-end pipeline to control the flow of your binaries from build to production. In this hands-on training, we will focus on the challenges the platform overcomes to obtain a continuous CI/CD flow of updates. You will learn about the different components of the platform including Mission Control and Insight, Access, Distribution, Artifactory and Xray, and understand how these components work together in your CI/CD environment. We will cover a wide range of topics including planning, standardization, implementation, design best procedures, release, evaluation and refinement of the Enterprise+ solution.

Who Is This Training For?

Architects, DevOps engineers and project managers who have some basic knowledge and experience with JFrog products and/or Enterprise+.

About the Instructor
Shimi Bandiel a DevOps Consultant at JFrog. Before JFrog, Shimi has been the CTO of Trainologic, a training and consulting company at which he has been doing DevOps, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Java and Performance consulting for the past decade. Shimi is passionate about CD pipelines, and container orchestration.

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