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Monitoring & Troubleshooting Artifactory
Elad Hirsch, Development and DevOps Consultant, JFrog | 1:30pm-5pm


In this hands-on training, students will learn how to tackle common, advanced issues related to troubleshooting and monitoring of the internal components within Artifactory that can affect normal usage.

Who is this training for?

DevOps & Release engineers who administer Artifactory instances and have previous experience using JFrog Artifactory and are familiar with JFrog Artifactory concepts, setup, and usage.

About the Instructor
Elad Hirsch is a DevOps consultant at JFrog consultant group. He has over 15 years of full-stack software engineering experience tackling everything from Devops and backend challenges to the latest front-end frameworks. Elad speaks at events such as the Index Developer Conference and Java.IL meetup.

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