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Golang CI/CD Best Practices
Ankush Chadna, Development Manager, Community & Partner Engineering, JFrog | 9am-12:30pm


In this hands-on training, we will explore the best practices around producing rapid and reliable Go software artifacts. Together, we will build CI/CD pipelines along with Go modules, integration with Artifactory Go repositories, GoCenter, promotion processes, libraries vs artifacts and how to deploy your artifact to production.

Who is this training for?

Go programmers who would like to learn how to create reproducible builds with Go modules.

About the Instructor
Ankush Chadha is focused on solving problems faced by various communities such as Golang, Kubernetes, C++ and also helping customers make their software flow better in various partner ecosystems. He’s currently leading a team that is responsible for GoCenter (a central Go modules repository that is available for free to millions of Golang developers in the world) and also involved in partner integrations with companies such as Atlassian, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Rancher, RedHat, and SonarQube.

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