Operationalizing genAI applications with DevOps practices

Operationalizing genAI applications with DevOps practices

Brazos Grand Ballroom Tue 11:35AM - 12:10PM

How does this new world of genAI applications fit into the traditional SDLC? In this fast paced talk we'll walk you through: the components a typical genAI is made off and how versioning works the challenges we face during testing to deal with its non deterministic nature the new genAI infrastructure stack that is emerging new security aspects you need to be aware of how observability and end user feedback is vital as we can only see certain behaviors in prod and how that all fits into platform engineering and the socio-technical aspect impact To conclude, we reflect on the business implications of these advancements and their significance in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Can't wait to share and can't wait to learn from your journey too!

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