Open Platform for Enterprise AI

Open Platform for Enterprise AI

Brazos G Tue 03:05PM - 03:45PM

Enterprises face myriad challenges when it comes to developing and deploying Gen AI solutions. The development of new models, algorithms, fine-tuning techniques, detecting and resolving bias, and how we deploy large solutions at scale continues to evolve rapidly. There is a lack of standardized software tools and technologies to choose from. Additionally, enterprises want the flexibility to innovate rapidly, and extend the functionality to meet their business needs while ensuring the solution is secure and trustworthy. This talk introduces Open Platform for Enterprise AI (OPEA), a new project under LF AI & Data Foundation. The mission of OPEA is to create an open platform project that enables the creation of open, multi-provider, robust and composable GenAI solutions that harness the best innovation across the ecosystem. You will learn more about the mission, how the project is going to solve it, see reference RAG implementations in action, partners, roadmap and how you can join and contribute to this effort.

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