Mastering Data Security in Transit: Continuous Delivery is Essential

Mastering Data Security in Transit: Continuous Delivery is Essential

Brazos F Wed 01:20PM - 02:00PM

Continuous Delivery is essential in today's world and protecting our data from hackers and malicious code is crucial. The first step is understanding that this is now a core function of development and can not be overlooked when deploying to production. In this session we are going to discuss how to protect your data at its core, some simple steps you can employ today and some more complicated processes that will shield your data from bad actors. We will profile attackers and what they are looking to gain access to, show you where to look to find unprotected sensitive data, we will also address key points such as the lack of security org-level policies, lack of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) & Ransom protection, lack of Least Privilege Principle, lack of Security Auditing, and lack of Resource Management for unused resources, emphasizing the importance of addressing these gaps to fortify your data protection strategies.

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