C/C++ DevOps at Scale: Compliance & Efficiency in C/C++ Projects with Conan 2 & Artifactory

C/C++ DevOps at Scale: Compliance & Efficiency in C/C++ Projects with Conan 2 & Artifactory

Brazos G Wed 01:20PM - 02:00PM

C and C++ languages are the backbone of modern software infrastructure. From automotive, embedded, finance, robotics, AI and ML, space, OSs, cloud, etc, rely on C and C++. Projects in these languages can grow to have many millions of lines of code, and due to its compilation model, building them typically requires a lot of time, effort and resources. Achieving reproducible builds and managing dependencies is a very challenging task. Furthermore, the binary model for native binaries is very complex, traditionally organizations have relied on custom home-made solutions that take a lot of time to develop, maintain and support. Making these custom solutions to manage binaries efficiently is complicated, so traditionally organizations have relied on re-building from source over and over, wasting CI time and resources and now allowing them to implement modern devops practices. With Conan C/C++ package manager and Artifactory, it is possible to define a CI pipeline that can work efficiently at scale, saving lots of time in unnecessary rebuilds from sources and implementing and allowing good devops practices, from package immutability, dependencies reproducibility and traceability and many more. Conan 2 also brings a whole new set of tools for compliance and security: automatic backup of sources downloaded from open source repositories for reproducible builds, storing metadata files for build logs, tests, coverage, etc, package signing, creation of SBOMs, and many more. Conan 2 enterprise-ready extensibility with custom commands, public Python APIs, better configuration management allows easy implementation and integration of organization policies.

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